Totally Losing The Plot in 200 Rages!

I have been trawling the net looking at people who are telling me 10 things I should have in my book, 10 things I need to take out, people who will sort it for a fat fee, people who will read it for an even bigger fee!

Some people say just publish and don’t worry, some say don’t you dare you will regret it. some say most self publishers are crap, nobody will read it so don’t bother…

I am tired cranky and completely confused. I know I need to finish this for my own sanity. I don’t think it is terrible. I have no idea if it is any good, I’m just learning! 1,2,3 AAAAAAAAAARGH! That feels a bit better, now where did I put my axe! Here’s Betty!!!

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Yes My Book Contains Gay People! (I am having a rant)

I have just heard a book programme on Radio 4, where an author stated that even today very few works of fiction have any gay characters in them.

I was completely shocked. My fantasy novel has two middle aged characters who fall in love and have a very happy loving same sex relationship. They were both quite lonely, they found each other and bingo two more happy people in the world-hooray we always need more of them!

I can’t believe that this is still such a big deal. What’s so wrong with that that authors won’t write about it!

I kind of thought that we had grown up a bit, and were mature enough to be able to write about LGBT people in a story like we would anyone else, after all that is what they are just people. They have as much right to be written about as anyone else!

This has seriously shocked me, my gay couple aren’t even the same species. Who cares, they make each other happy and they genuinely care for each other. It isn’t even the main story line it’s just a natural development of their growing relationship. They meet, fall in love and move in together, very naturally!

Sorry for the rant-I genuinely didn’t think I was writing anything out of the ordinary!


The Long And Winding Road…

It Has A Very Easy Reading Style-I’m Impressed-My first feedback!Image result for long and winding road

Nobody said that this would be the hard bit. Writing a book is apparently the easy bit-who knew!

Editing, re-editing, finding out you used the same word 139 times. Then going over it line by line and finding out it’s probably not worth the bother!


I have chopped out 5000 words and it’s still a good size for a beginner!

Waiting for your extremely literate but also extremely busy other half to do the punctuation for you, and not nagging-this is causing me much pain!

I want to do myself and my characters justice, I feel we are all owed that! I created them and it’s the least I can do now that I have given them life! Especially as I have put them through so much.

So getting a bit of feedback was absolutely lovely-sometimes people have absolutely no idea that they have just made your day!-Betty


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