How It All Began-A Mad Little Story in 125 Words!

This is how my brain works-I make no excuses for it.


If writing terrifies you start small-the iPad police won’t come around and knock on the door. If you like it, there’s a pretty good chance that someone else will too 🙂

Spit, all done, check-up in 3 months.

Ed smiled and got into Barry’s car

Cost me, but Time Surgery is the future,  my teeth and gums are now 10 again

Barry read the sign.

No More Wincing,

Dr Rincing

Time Dentist

Pearly Whites Set To Rights!

So he took your whole mouth back 40 years, before all the fags, red wine and curry

Yes, I feel great, but hungry

Curry and a pint then?

I fancy a coke and a burger, maybe an ice cream

Dr Rincing chuckled to his assistant, another satisfied customer George

You mean sucker!

He’s totally forgotten what he was at 10. A greedy little stinker who never cleaned his teeth

Back soon then

Oh yes-waving his credit card!

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