A Song For Jonny Green Eyes

Today I signed up with Kindle.

My book now has a front cover and a blurb for the back. I have a little publicity going down!

A Song For Jonny Green Eyes

Davey Freeman is coming home.

Back to Wales and the people he loves.

His widowed father, and the friends who helped to raise him.

Skirt chasing Marc, Cigar chewing Bernie, and Wizened old Hugh.

The only family he has ever known.

It’s Midsummer so they are all up the mountain

He thought he would surprise them

Perhaps he should have thought that one through

A story of discovery!

By the end of the weekend, one is out of the closet, two are out of this world, and the other is out of his mind!


When you have a bad day at work

Wake up next morning in a skip

With half a squirrel in your hand, and it still looks quite tasty

You are going to hit the bottle at some point

I would!


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