Writing A Novel & The Things I Learned On The Way

Out of the night that covers m1IMG_0700If you are just thinking about it this may help. I’m not much further along than you are, but I have written a novel of almost 80,000 words and lived to tell the tale. This is what I have learned so far! This is me in the photo, it has actually driven me nuts! Seriously if you want a fantastic place to write there is a hobbit house surrounded by Redwoods in Mendocino-perfect peace for a fantasy vibe!IMG_0702

1 Abandon hope all ye who enter here-just kidding we Brits do like a little bit of sarcasm!

1a Don’t be afraid, give it a go because you never know how far you can swim until you jump in!

2 Find a good writing app that suits you. I used notewriter + on ipad- but I think I have just killed it!

3 Always always always back it up-we don’t want anyone jumping off a building if 50,000 words suddenly goes West! I email copies out as well!

4 You might have to have lots of goes before you really get into it, that’s how I developed my characters. One of mine started out as Frozen Food Manager in a Supermarket and ended up as a Gay Pixie!

5 The best advice I was ever given was: Even if you think it’s crap-keep going!

6 They always say have a plan, I didn’t, I’m not much good at planning. It would have been way easier if I did!

7 Find a time to write, even if it’s only at lunchtime or you manage 10 minutes in the bathroom sitting on the throne!

8 Don’t expect to sleep if your head is full of ideas. Write them down and get those babies sorted before bed. You might wake up with a brilliant new idea, write that down too!

9 My book is pretty mad once it gets going. I would like a new kitchen from my sales, but in reality I know that I will be lucky to buy some kitchen roll! Who cares, we are doing something 99% of people say they would like to do but never manage to achieve! It’s one off the bucket list!

10 If you get to this stage and I hope you do. If you give out copies to family and friends to see what they think of it. A: Don’t expect them to read it instantly-they have lives! B: Don’t expect them to tell you if they didn’t like it. Most people won’t want to hurt your feelings so they will just go a bit quiet!

That’s advice from someone who is one step beyond a complete beginner- a complete beginner with 80,000 words written down! It might be crap, but at least it’s my own brand- Betty x

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