The Long And Winding Road…

It Has A Very Easy Reading Style-I’m Impressed-My first feedback!Image result for long and winding road

Nobody said that this would be the hard bit. Writing a book is apparently the easy bit-who knew!

Editing, re-editing, finding out you used the same word 139 times. Then going over it line by line and finding out it’s probably not worth the bother!


I have chopped out 5000 words and it’s still a good size for a beginner!

Waiting for your extremely literate but also extremely busy other half to do the punctuation for you, and not nagging-this is causing me much pain!

I want to do myself and my characters justice, I feel we are all owed that! I created them and it’s the least I can do now that I have given them life! Especially as I have put them through so much.

So getting a bit of feedback was absolutely lovely-sometimes people have absolutely no idea that they have just made your day!-Betty


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