Totally Losing The Plot in 200 Rages!

I have been trawling the net looking at people who are telling me 10 things I should have in my book, 10 things I need to take out, people who will sort it for a fat fee, people who will read it for an even bigger fee!

Some people say just publish and don’t worry, some say don’t you dare you will regret it. some say most self publishers are crap, nobody will read it so don’t bother…

I am tired cranky and completely confused. I know I need to finish this for my own sanity. I don’t think it is terrible. I have no idea if it is any good, I’m just learning! 1,2,3 AAAAAAAAAARGH! That feels a bit better, now where did I put my axe! Here’s Betty!!!

Image result for insanity

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