Jump Start-Getting Out Of The Pits!

I am a first timer-but I have now joined the I did it smug bastards club!

I look at a lot of stuff for new writers, they want to know the same kinds of stuff-especially us fantasy dudes!

How do I get started? How can I develop my characters? How can I make them seem more real?

WELL- it ain’t easy unless you are a hidden genius lurking under a rock who is going to shame us all with your brilliance!

Getting StartedIMG_1157

Took me 2 years and at least 50 try’s of going round and round just to get more than a few paragraphs. If you are really stuck getting that truck to roll down the hill you could try this!

Write down any word you think of anything at all! Write down loads of the buggers, put all the little bits of paper in a bag shake them up and play autumn leaves. Swish’em around and make connections-something will turn up.

You might get Unicorn, Shopping Mall, Daisy, or some other pile of poo-it doesn’t matter! Think about how that could be a story, maybe the flower guy in the mall keeps losing his stock each night and finds out there is a Unicorn living in the toilets! Who knows just give it a go no matter how crazy, it might just get that little river of creativity going!

There is a Unicorn in my book, he is blind and has a very sweet tooth. He’s looked after by a very sexy kick-ass Dryad named Minty.

Remember – the chances are none of us will be J.K.Rowling but we can still have a go!

My Own Way Of Making Them More Real!

I take a copy and write them a back story, not for publication. Two of my rather elderly characters are surprised to find they actually fancy each other and start a gay love affair. I had them doing all sorts of stuff! 

I tried the one where I basically did the porno version of their newly discovered gay love life! The version where they split up and get back together again! The version where one of them kills the other one… Loads of different scenarios to see how they would react! Just a thousand words or so which I never use and (especially the porno one) would be embarrassed to show to anyone! I am a 50 something Archivist and obviously a secret part-time slut in a cardigan-it was fun just to let it all go feral for a while. Nobody else has to know and hey I’m British-if we can unbutton a bit and take that pointy pencil from where the sun don’t shine-then anyone can!

Oh yeah last one for now-keep all your previous versions of the story, you may need them and the ideas later!IMG_1158


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