Making It Real!

How do we make our characters real!

I don’t teach writing I leave that up to the people who know. This is strictly an amateur has a go kind of a blog but this way seemed to help me out!

One of my main characters is called Marc but he also has other names so let’s use him as an example: He seems to be everyone’s favourite. I based him on a few people I know.


I started with a physical description but he ages a huge amount during the book and gains a personality- that was tough!

Here’s the way I describe the children aged 7 in the beginning:

She looked at the boys, her own son and her adopted one.

Shonnin had a large tear in his tunic, still it could be mended and it wasn’t as if he grew out of much. Small and skinny he never sat still and he could run like the wind.

Then there was her own son, until this past summer he had been a chubby barrel of a child, her little Feitur. Now he was growing out of everything and she strongly suspected that she was raising another Ox just like his father.

Then as teenagers

He watched them come tumbling through the door, between them they pretty much filled the room. He marveled at how much they had grown this past year while he had been busy with the burdens of the world.

Fette had something stuck to his lip, he was so fair that whiskers were always going to be a challenge. Shonnin too had grown a little beard, a neat dark triangle on his chin which suited him.

He wondered when his son had become so good looking, the gawky youth had gone, replaced by this elegant young man.

Finally as an adult

His best friend is Dr Marc Sinclair a fellow academic, they are as close as brothers. Hardly surprising as they were brought up together. Marc is a confirmed bachelor although I believe he may once have got his fingers burned maritally. Women flit in and out of Marc’s life on a regular basis, the temporary aunties dad used to call them.

Marc likes fast cars, rugby and beer, as well as women. It’s not just physical, he really likes female company, and don’t they just love him, at least until they try and get some commitment out of him. Hugh says it’s time he calmed down, but he never will. Bernie another friend used to tease him about burrowing out from six feet under to chat up the women at his own funeral.

Then I listen to what I have written to see if it sounds real-its the best tip I have been given, download an APP and give it a go because it really works.


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