You Are Havin’ A Laugh-Mate!

One thing I learned about writing a book-you need a sense of humour!

Todays New Writers Tip From A New Writer: Give yourself a break every now and then-you deserve it. The book won’t go away if you let up for five minutes. It will still be there, lurking under the bed like the Bogeyman- all ready to bite you on the arse when you get back!

Boy do you need a laugh every now and then, or you and your readers will be sitting in a room with rubber wallpaper chewing at the straps of those pyjamas that do up around the back!


I also learned that I can’t stop doing it! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m British and we just have to put a joke in there somewhere- or just a bit of a twisted sarky cow! (Yes that’s Joan Crawford by the way!)

When I read the monster back to myself it was everywhere! I didn’t set out to write a funny book, I didn’t actually set out to write anything at all.

It isn’t a funny book but there are little touches here and there-so writing a book teaches you about yourself!

I may not actually be very funny, but whatever passes for humour in the weird bowl of soup I call a brain it’s something I can’t help!

So enjoy yourself and get writing-it’s later than you think!


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