20,000 Volts up the Jaxi!

IMG_1184Isn’t it amazing-you live in this tiny little bunker, you think it’s ok and you have a handle on things and suddenly POW a Batman moment! A real sock in the kisser! A 20,000 volts up the Jaxi wake up call!

Someone who has a much better handle on things than you do shows you a world you never knew existed!###IMAGE-DEPT

Thank you Little Fears-I had no idea what was out there until I saw your breakdown of followers on different Social Media platforms.

I have to hand it to you-you have it sorted!

I started this blog to show scaredy cats like me that we can have a go as well. What a laugh-I had no idea!IMG_1185

I’m going away to have a bit of a think about this big new world outside the bunker!IMG_1187

Feel a bit like Moley in Wind in the Willows-finding the spring after winter underground! It’s a big scary world out there, I just thought I would write a little book and see how it went. I wanted other bottom feeders like me to see how I was doing and maybe encourage another few Minnows to leave the shallows!

I guess you never know unless you peek out of the window occasionally!IMG_1176


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