Finding The Time!

There isn’t much of an answer to this one. Unless you are really lucky most new writers have to fit in writing where they can, or actually in the can if that is the only place they can find five minutes peace.


I am no expert but I guess a regular 10 minutes when the muse settles might be better than an hour once in a while. It is so individual and everybody’s life is different.

Personally speaking-insomnia has been my best friend. I also use my lunch hour and any spare minutes I get. My iPad goes everywhere with me. Living on an island is useful as I can generally fit in a few minutes at the airport and on the plane.

ca. 1900 --- Woman Reclining at Desk Next to Typewriter --- Image by © CORBIS

It isn’t easy-I didn’t get a full nights sleep for 8 months which probably didn’t do me any good, and I was seriously losing the plot towards the end-weirdly the moment I finished the first draft I had my first full nights sleep!IMG_1207

I guess you just have to find out what works for you. At least if you have writing materials to hand you can make notes if you get five minutes.

It would be interesting to hear how other new writers manage-I guess if you are serious about the story you have to tell, you will find a way somehow!

Todays little snippet of Jonny Greeneyes!

Good God, not you two he said, that is hilarious. Do you buy your punishments wholesale Milady, because you surely don’t think this overheated Ox will stop his rutting with anyone or anything who offers him a roll in the hay, just for you. I have heard tell some women like it that way but…

Marc smiled sweetly, and what would you know about it Mr Purity he said. You wouldn’t know a roll in the hay from a roll in the mud, or maybe you just like to watch, is that how you like your cookies Gala, on someone else’s plate?

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