Time To Say Goodbye

I have been off grid for a couple of weeks.

Part of my trip involved a long hard look at the book and the painful process of editing. Some smart person said “It’s All In The Edit” and it is!

What nobody tells you is it’s so bloody hard!

Saying goodbye to what feels like chunks of your soul is tough-but it has to be done! This is what I have been doing in between drinking wine and sunning myself.

Hopefully I will learn from the process. You can’t polish a turd as they say, but you can neaten it up a bit and give your poor old reader a break from your over indulgence.


Admitting that you may have to hack lumps off your baby and your precious pages is part of learning how a professional writer approaches things-for us newbies it’s a definite step in the right direction.


                                 Today’s Longish Snippet-from the end of the book.

‘Welcome humans he sighed, I believe Mr Pixie here is taking us on a tour to see my Grail.’

‘That’s the Holy one you might have heard about, or maybe you haven’t. I know how ignorant you humans can be.’

‘Play nice Gala’ Jon said quietly, ‘or you and I will be having words’

He smiled, ‘of course darling, anything for you Green Eyes’ he purred

Marc made the fingers down the throat gesture behind Gala’s back and Jon tried not to laugh.

‘I can see we’re not the only ones who enjoy a bit of camping around here’, he said to Molly, giving Gala a look.

Molly sighed; ‘just ignore him if you can. Jonny thinks it’s hilarious, look at him smirking’ she said quietly.

‘Tony’s not laughing’, ‘I wouldn’t give much for Gala’s perfect profile if he tries that one again’ Marc said. ‘You know as well as I do, if a Pixie nuts you, you tend to stay nutted!’

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