Free chapters in return for feedback-if you like it you can e-mail for more!

If I am going down the publishing route I want to make sure I have things right!

I will happily provide free chapters to anyone who wants to give me an honest opinion.

No come back-no charge, no hard sell!

Opinions so far have gone from:

You are nuts-I love it!


Supremely easy to read.

You have a nice easy writing style.

I really got into it.

It’s fab!

You killed off my favorite character-bring her back!

More please.

Jesus what an imagination you have!

I was wondering how you would get out of this- and you dropped me right down a hole!

Didnt see that coming-I am genuinely shocked!

There is something magical about their camaraderie.

Love your sense of humor.

Only you could invent a gay Pixie!

They swear a lot!

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