An Example Of My Writing Style- apologies for the lack of punctuation and grammar (It’s a work in progress)

The cavern was large and cool, water ran down one wall where a limestone covered boulder made it a waterfall and sometimes a shower.

He sat quietly wondering what to do. He had taken instruction and done his best with what he had.

This time she had gone too far and it had to end. He was going to have to try and stop her himself and it wasn’t going to be pretty. The situation was dire and desperate times called for desperate measures, he needed help.

I’m going out he said putting on his hat. At the back of the cave he scrabbled through a pile of loose rock to find the hole. Outside he hovered skillfully and closed up the entrance then he took off.

In the cubicle of a shopping centre toilet he sparkled back to full size and emerged as just a tiny man who had felt the call of nature. Nobody even noticed him, he washed his hands and stepped out into the afternoon.

It was crowded with shoppers, crowds were good, they gave you somewhere to hide.

He walked to the entrance and into a shop that did tattoos and piercings. The girl behind the counter looked bored, obviously a slow day.

He smiled, I need to see someone about this he said and rolled up his sleeve.

The girl eyed him with suspicion, cute she said, making it obvious that she didn’t actually give two shits.

You want it inked, looks pretty faded.

He shook his head, no just tell Henrikus I need to see him urgently.

She rolled her eyes, he’s busy.

Call him he said, tell him about the mark.

Harry she bawled, some bloke out here wants you to see his mark, says it’s urgent.

Tell him to piss off and come back Monday I’m busy.

She turned back but the little man had gone. Funny she thought and went back to her phone.

He found Henrikus in an office out the back, feet up on the table and half asleep with the racing on the radio.

He snorted in disgust, get up you lazy fucker he said, pulling a knife from his belt.

Harry opened one eye, ‘what’ he said, scratching at a filthy ear with a finger that was itself none too clean.

You know what, I need help.

Go ask someone else

He twitched the knife in his fingers, it was tempting but this wasn’t the time.

If there was anyone else do you think I would be asking you.

What’s in it for me

 Trevor moved like lightening across the desk, how about I don’t cut your balls off Harry.

Harry looked at him wild eyed, he could see the Pixie meant business, his business to be precise, and the knife was wicked sharp.

He held up his hands, ok ok I did hear a little rumor about someone down at the army camp. I think he’s a shifter or something, try him for your problem. His name is Hart or something, Steve Hart.

He snorted in disgust and withdrew the knife, he hated Gnomes, revolting creatures.

Now what do I get Harry said picking at his yellow nails with a paper clip.

The Pixie wrinkled his nose, some good advice. First employ a cleaner, and second, he leaned into the Gnomes ear, take a shower more than once a month Harry, you smell like your Grandmothers best bloomers, the ones she kept for her paying customers.

Then he was gone, out of the door and into the crowd. You felt dirty just talking to Harry!


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