Experimenting with characters 3- Sex in fiction…

This was a tricky one. I wanted Tony my Pixie Ambassador to stay around. I needed a device to bring him into the story and keep him there.

As a beginner, plot devices are new to me. I decided the simplest way was probably to use the oldest one there is.

My little character Tony the Pixie falls in love with a good looking male Elf who is as old as he is. They go off to start a relationship despite the fact that they are both getting on a bit!

My next challenge as a novice writer was when they finally realise they can’t live without each other and head up the stairs do I give them a sex scene…

After a think I soon realised the following:

As a novice writer I am not technically competent to write one that wasn’t pitiable. I think that knowing your limits is generally a pretty good idea.

It wasn’t really necessary, it’s a fantasy novel not a Jackie Collins!

I am not a gay man/Pixie/Elf – Writing about something of which you have no experience seems to be shaky ground.

I decided that there needed to be something and I didn’t want to leave it at waves crashing on the shore, trains rushing into tunnels etc.

So I wrote them a short after sex paragraph, expressing their newly discovered middle aged love and closeness. If you have read the previous posts you will probably realise that a little humour creeps into most things that I write. So I went for sweet and funny but hopefully not fingers down the throat embarrassing.

It may not even make the final cut but I felt that my little example character Tony deserved the fullest life I could write him-taking into consideration my beginners level of skill.

You all know how it is -you get fond of your characters, you gave them life and you want to do your best for them!

Big lesson learned: Sometimes doing your best as a writer is not writing something!


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