Writing A Villain!

Villains are fun- for a new writer it’s a bit of a challenge but an enjoyable one.

I wrote him a back story- then I dropped him into the action. Punctuation is a bit rubbish and the post is a long one, but I learnt a lot by playing around with legendary characters! It gives the other characters something to chew on.

Guy Lakeman switched off his PC, enough writing for one day, he was finished. Casually he flicked through the pile of fan mail his PA had left.

He yawned and finished his drink, it was late. He already knew what the letters would say, it was always the same. Desperate women, not one of them under 65.

His adoring fans, whatever crap he fed them they lapped it up and he raked it in. He was their golden boy. Year after year he turned out a constant stream of romantic mush, they just couldn’t get enough of it.

He was contracted for 6 books a year, but it could have been 60. There were only five basic plots anyway. As long as he threw in a bit of heartache every now and then and it all ended happily ever after, his publishers were more than happy.

He stretched and looked at himself in the reflection on the screen.

Well gorgeous he said out loud, I think we need a good nights sleep. There was no one to hear him, he had always preferred it that way.

Finally he headed for bed, as he drifted off he thought to himself, there were going to be a lot of disappointed old dears out there. Screw them, this was his last book and they were going to love it!

He woke early, breakfasted and went through his morning moisturising routine. No sense in letting his standards slip. Finally he dressed put on his coat and hat and headed for the car.

He didn’t bother with the front door, he had absolutely no intention of returning anyway!






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