Character Development-One For The Girls!

Learning to develop female characters was fun. All my female characters are strong. Even the baddies are kick ass smart women! This is the unedited version-usual apologies for the lack of punctuation etc! Jody is young, she has a broken ankle and she has absolutely no idea of what is going on, but she comes out fighting!

Jody woke up with a start as a cold gust of air swirled around her, she saw Jon move protectively in front of her, it was back, at least the rock door was opening.

It crawled in and the door swung shut. A moment  later the saucer eyes adjusted then it saw them.

Jon stood up and faced the creature, he was a tall man and the cave wasn’t high.

Jody tugged at his leg, don’t piss it off she hissed, what she was actually thinking was oh great a heroic pensioner,

You gonna throw your bus pass at it she said!

He shook his head, don’t worry I’m an awful lot fitter than I look Jody. He stared it down but it came nearer along the passage toward them.

Take one more step I’m warning you he said firmly

Oh how very polite and British, write to the Times why don’t you, or you could just twat it with something heavy.

Your suggestion being, he said sarcastically, please leave this to me.

It started to growl, showing large white teeth as it came nearer

Right pal, wanna play fetch doggie, he moved his arm and a fireball zoomed across the cave hitting the far wall.

The creature stopped, it looked vaguely surprised and it sat down.

Good boy, now we’re getting somewhere.

A shower of earth from above distracted him for a moment, it was his turn to be surprised.

I think I have this all wrong he said looking up, it’s not growling at us Jody, there’s something else out there.

The hulking creature made a noise, something that sounded rather a lot like yes!

You want us to keep quiet until it goes he whispered

The creature nodded.

They all held their breath as the snuffling continued. The longest minute of their collective lives until finally silence.

Jody sat up, Professor what the fuck just happened

I think we’re safe for the moment.

If I can interrupt the polite small talk would you mind telling me what the frig is going on Professor Doolittle, is it gonna eat us or not.

No it’s not going to eat us, in fact I think he brought both of us here to keep us safe.

Lovely, let’s all have tea shall we, next Tuesday do you Prof! We could be mates on Facebook, remind me I must look up the big scary dogs with fucking huge teeth page if I get out of here alive.

Calm down, It’s ok it really is, he won’t hurt us.

The creature lay down and closed its eyes.

He’s been working really hard out there keeping your butt from being Winalot Jody, so cut him some slack ok. I would say he’s our best chance of getting out of here alive.


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