Doing the Knowledge- quick analysis of my first marketing strategy!

This was all a learning exercise.

Every New Writer needs to learn how to market and promote their work.

Yesterday as an experiment I spent my entire budget on one days worldwide Facebook advertising with a link to my book on Kindle.

I reached 10,000 people and got quite a few shares and almost 500 likes.

What I didn’t do is sell many books!

From this I take the following:

I now have a database of almost 500 extra people liking my page-useful contacts for publishing further works.

People really like the new style cover

My magical short stories are not what is popular at the moment (ok it was a trial anyway)

All in all I only made enough cash for a few cups of coffee but I learned so much more than I lost-result!


Self promotion is not a British 🇬🇧 thing- we’re brought up to be self deprecating. It’s an important lesson that you learn early in life as a Brit. Any self confidence is wiped right out of you with the words

‘Nobody Likes A Big Head’!

I am learning-I’m not good at it and I don’t like it but I am learning! Publishing this little book was all about learning the rules of the game-Newbie writers take note you will have to push and push hard if you want to get anywhere! You are a literary minnow swimming with sharks!

Work smarter not harder, less chance of being eaten alive (or ignored) if you learn a few simple marketing rules before you jump in. There are loads of blogs you can read and advice you can take-so do a little homework first!


Newbies beware! The Sting In The Tail-that bites you on the ass and you never saw it coming!


Warning-Grumpy Old Bitch Alert!

This is suppose to be a blog about what it’s like to be a new writer. That includes the ups and the downs! Earlier I was all happy because they sorted my book out. Now I’m doing the it’s complete crap nobody will ever notice it’s there and only my lovely family will ever buy it-thing!

I am going to do some publicity because it’s good practice but I have realised that I really seriously hate badgering people!

I don’t know-every up has a down I guess! Not sure what’s worse thinking you are probably a bit more crap than you originally thought-or just being ignored as a nonentity!

Newbies beware it can happen to you-when you put yourself out there the monsters of self doubt are always Likely to be prowling!

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