Finding Merlin-giving existing characters a new twist!

Who doesn’t like Tales Of Old When Knights Were Bold! Taking a well known and well loved character and re-imagining them is nothing new so how do you do it?

I think the answer has to be give them your own style and don’t worry too much. I think that you need to keep some of the characteristics that make them who they are or what’s the point. But after that it seems to be all yours!

My Merlin is stuck inside a rock so I kept true to the legend, but I tried to make him fun as well.

With a little difficulty he got to his feet. He needed a pee and looked around for a suitable corner. He picked the large rock and went to relieve himself up it.

The rock spoke and almost gave him heart failure.

Oi it said, do I come and take a piss up your house.

He stopped and stared, peeing onto the ground in shock.

Thank you said the rock. If you need to go again there is a bucket round the corner, Trevor is very particular.

Tony shook his head, he had obviously banged it a lot harder than he thought.

No you’re not mad the rock continued, watch this it said.

Tony stared in amazement as a knarled finger appeared, the digit waggled about for a second and went back in.

The Pixie put his eye to the hole, there was a faint light coming from within the stone and an elderly man with beady black eyes waved back at him.

Hello there he said, you must be the one that Trevor dragged in. You were completely out of it, lucky for you because the dragon pretty much destroyed everything else out there.

Tony ran a chubby hand through his singed hair. I’m Tony he said, would you like to explain to me what the fuck is going on.

The rock sighed, it’s complicated. Where do you want me to start Tony.

A name would be good

Sure, to the human world I’m Merlin, he laughed.

Tony gasped in the presence of greatness, oh good grief he said. It’s an honor to meet you Sir.

Thanks, I think my reputation might have got just a little out of hand over the years.

I was born Mervyn Emrys but you can call me Merv. Funny how names stick isn’t it. Merlin was just a bit of baby talk, one of them couldn’t say Mervin and it came out Merlin. Can’t remember which kid it was now, don’t suppose it matters anyway. So Merlin I became, all potions and pointy hat.

I never really liked the hat, it makes me look like a prize tit, but Trev says it’s how the world thinks of me, so I’m stuck with it like Sherlock Holmes and his deerstalker!

Do you get a lot of visitors up here then Merv

No, just Trev, he’s been very good to me, Pixies are so loyal don’t you find.

Yeah we are as a rule

Are you a Pixie then

Yes, a very confused one at the moment.

Probably the bang on the head, Trev knew you needed help. He went to see someone I think it was a Gnome.

Tony’s nose wrinkled in disgust, well that’s me screwed then he thought.



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