And Now For Something Completely Different 3-Writing for kids!


As a novice writer I guess I need to try everything at some time. I have realised I really don’t like writing for kids. This was a favour to a friend’s little one, never again!

Getting her to finish it means that ‘Auntie’ doesn’t have to do it herself!

Jenna’s Unicorn

This story starts ‘Once Upon a Time’ as all the best stories do.

There was once a girl with curly hair named Jemma. No silly, the girl was called Jemma not the curly hair that was just a part of her.

Anyway as I was saying there was this girl. She lived with her mum and dad and her fish in a house near the sea. Now the village she lived in had something special about it that not all villages have, can you guess what it was?

No not a MacDonald’s that’s not very special is it; loads of people have a Maccy D near where they live. Try again, no not a roller coaster or a shop that sells extra sparkly shoes.

Jemma’s village had a castle. A whacking great big castle sitting on top of the hugest rock you ever saw. At night the castle was all lit up and it looked like a giant might live there.

Well Miss Jemma curly hair was asleep one night when there was a tap on the window, and then another and then another. Finally a voice said “Oi dozy are you  coming or what!” Jemma sat up, she was a bit of a sleepy old prawn and it took her a minute to get her curly little head around what was going on.

Finally she saw it, “Good grief” she said “There appears to be a blue Unicorn on my windowsill!”

No she didn’t really, she went “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh mum mum there’s a Unicorn at my window there’s a Unicorn at my window.”

And her mum who also had curly hair, said from her room, “that’s lovely dear, it’s just a dream now go back to sleep zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz!”

Mum and Dad both snored like a two bears had come to stay; she could hear them like a couple of electric wood choppers buzzing away next door!

Well you two aren’t going to be much help she thought, I had better deal with this myself.

She got up and opened the window; the Unicorn looked at its phone

”About flipping time” it said “us Unicorns are very busy you know.” “If you don’t want me I have three other little girls to visit tonight, but you were top of my list. Now let me see if I have this right”

Jemma, 8 years old, curly hair, bit of a cheeky little monkey. Loves dolphins and likes to tell terrible terrible jokes, does that sound like you?”

It did, “that’s me” she said.

”Good” said the Unicorn. Sign here please and climb on, I think we had better get you away from those growly old bears as quickly as possible.”

Jemma laughed, “Oh that’s not bears she said, that’s just mum and dad snoring like a couple of hungry hippos, you get used to it.”

”Are you sure it’s not bears,” the Unicorn looked a bit worried.

”Of course I’m sure Jemma said, you should hear my dad when he really gets going, it’s like a Lion with toothache.” “The poor old fish have to put their fingers in their ears and go and hide under a rock it’s so loud!”

”Oh well you know best, now hold on tight we’re not going far. I’m Elvis by the way” it said.

”Elvis By The Way. That’s a very funny name for a Unicorn” Jemma said, “shouldn’t you be called twinkle, or moonlight or something Unicorny”

The Unicorn snorted, “oh double yukky whatever gave you that idea, I’m Elvis, stinky boots, sausage roll, fish food, round the corner, late for school, where’s my shoes mum, baked beans, Ethel, Tracy, Triceratops By The Way! It’s a very stupid name and you gave it to me.”

”No I didn’t” Jemma said

”Oh yes you did” the Unicorn replied. “Thanks very much Jemma now all the other Unicorns will laugh.”

”You see I’m a dream Unicorn, my name comes from all the junk that’s floating around in that curly little head of yours. Now we have to be off so hold on tight.”

Off they went, galloping through the sky. In the harbour all the dolphins giggled and waved their fins at Elvis. Finally they went up up up and over the great big rock to the castle.

”Where are we going?” Jemma asked,

“The Grand Castle Ball of course” Elvis replied screeching to a halt in front of the huge gates.

”What’s a Ball?”

”It’s a sort of a very fancy party” the Unicorn said. Normally just the grown-ups get to go, but this one is just for kids.”

”You can only come if you bring a dream creature with you, and you got me,” Elvis said as he landed with sparks flying off his hooves.

”Wow that’s cool” Jemma said as she climbed down.

Other kids were arriving with their dream creatures, purple fizzy swans, and dinosaurs with three heads. There were tigers with spots and a sheep made entirely from tiny little Marshmallows.

Jemma liked Marshmallows, she liked them a lot, and always put at least fifteen big handfuls on her ice cream.

”Right, now we have arrived, I could do with a bit of a wash and brush up. Do you fancy giving me a bit of a scrub down Jemma?”

”Cor would I she said, where’s the bucket?”

She was quietly thinking that nobody at school would believe her when she told them she had done Unicorn scrubbing at the weekend!

”Ooh that tickles” Elvis said as she scrubbed away with a big purple brush.

Jemma gave him a pat. “Soon be done. What about the hooves?”

”Unicorn toenail polish” he said. “It’s all in the bag”. “I normally go for blue but as it’s a special occasion let’s go for sparkles. No going over the edges. I want to look my very best when we see all the other Unicorns”

”There, nearly done” Jemma said, “just lift that back leg a bit that’s it.”

Wonderful, you will have to huff on them so they dry.” “Now rub some magic dust into my mane so that it shines and I’m finished.”

”Phew!” Jemma sighed, cleaning Unicorns is flipping hard work Elvis!”

What Happened Next…?

You write the next bit!



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