Brush Up Your Shakespeare!

This is an amateurs first little paddle in the literary sea, not Shakespeare. I guess that even the Bard had to start somewhere!

What I am saying is that I am just beginning to appreciate what a hard slog it is for any writer to see it through to the end! I take my hat off to anyone who gives it a go. Who knew there would be so much to it. A Song For Jonny Green Eyes is on its way. It has taken way longer than having a baby and cost me just as much worry and many many sleepless nights!

Now I feel like having a little fun before the final push, so I am going to put up a few random quotes. If you end up reading the book you can see if you can spot them.


If you don’t read it then I hope you enjoy the quotes anyway-Betty

The big man stared, oh brilliant, just what we need, how the fuck did you get here Gala!

The man smiled, it was perfect. Oh I followed you and carried on when you stopped for coffee. It was easy,  I just stood inside the ruins and waited. You are looking old Feitur, have you been ill or is a lifetime of extreme depravity catching up with you at last.

He coughed, spot of heart trouble if you must know, all sorted now. I see you haven’t changed much, still gorgeous. It must be all that purity keeping you young. He sighed, It’s a wonder you don’t drop dead from boredom. Give me depravity every time, 2000 years of virginity must be fucking tedious.


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